Arrival for Bell Tower


  • Please arrive in full costume, hair in bun and make up already applied.
  • DROP OFF FOR ALL STUDENTS — is in the back of the building, in the Springs Building. You will need to then return to the front of the building to enter for the performance.  This process helps keep your child secure and safe.
  • Everyone should arrive 45 minutes before the recital.  Pre/K students need to be taken by their parents to the restroom and be in their arrival room 30 minutes before we start.  Other dance students will also arrive 45 minutes before, so they can be in their places back stage 30 minutes before.
  • Friendly Reminders:  No flash photography! Please only move if necessary and only between numbers.  All electronics off! (as the light is distracting to those around you).  You may use video cameras/non-flash camera from your seat only.  Remember, you are barred from posting photos/videos of other children as you do not have their parents’ consent.  Please contact Miss Dee if you desire to post and would like her to do so. Thank you.
  • Each child should also have a water bottle / fresh fruit with their name on it.
  • No performers are allowed in the house (auditorium).
  • PLEASE DO NOT EXIT UNTIL THE SHOW IS OVER TO SEE YOUR CHILD.  The kiddos will not be back in the pick up area and ready until about 10 minutes after the show is finished.