Parent and Tot Classes

September – May Lessons always start the Tuesday after Labor Day and are finished the Friday before Memorial Day.  Tuition is paid monthly. For those who pay the year up front; there is a 8% break on your total if paid by July 1st.  There is a 6% break for those who pay by September 1st.  Please remember there is a $15 registration fee ($20 for a family) that will be processed at registration.  Please remember all electronic transactions have a 3% processing fee; you are always welcome to pay by check or cash.

Parent & Tot classes are 30 minutes, meet once a week.  The parent attends with the child, attire for class is casual (or come as
you are) classes are $35.00 a month.  If the student takes both dance and gym, tuition is $63.00 a month.  These classes are
limited to 5/6 for gymnastics and 7/8 for dance.

TOT / Mon         5:00pm       Gym
TOT / Tue           6:30pm        Dance
TOT / Tue           7:00pm        Gym
TOT / Wed         6:45pm        Gym
TOT / Thr           5:30pm         Dance
TOT / Thr           6:00pm        Gym
TOT / Sat        10:00am          Gym
TOT / Sat        12:30pm          Gym