SCHOOL YEAR:  Pay monthly tuition by cash or check before the 1st of the month or sign up for auto-debit (3% fee for processing).

Pay the year in full and receive a discount:

School year, pay by Sept 1st and get 6 % discount 

School year, pay by July 1st and get get 8% discount  

Discount available for students taking more than one class.

SUMMER: Full tuition is paid at registration.

Payment for Equipment and Appareal due upon ordering.

Payment arrangements available upon request, please let us know.

Please remember, all fees are non-refundable, including equipment and tickets

Registration Fees

All students pay an annual registration fee of $15 or a family fee of $20.

Registration fee is due before the first day of calls, and the regsitration form

Referral Credit

If a new family register, and they write down your name as a referral family at registration time, you get a $15 credit per family to your October tuition.

No cash value. Remember, referrals work in a per-family basis.

Classes Fees

All Classes are charged based on duration:

30 Minute Class: $35.00 / both dance & gym $63.00
45 Minute Class: $38.00 / both dance & gym $67.00
60 Minute Class: $43.00 / both dance & gym $80.00

90 Minute Class: $58.00
One hour and 45 Minutes Class: $68.00

Summer Camps consists of four classes, and have the same cost as regular classes:  Camps are 2 weeks / students attend twice a week for the 2 weeks (M/W or T/Th).  Normal schedule is Camp 1: last two weeks in June, Camp 2: one week – the week after the 4th of July, Camp 3: last 2 weeks in July, Camp 4: end of July/Aug or first 2 weeks in Aug.


Dance Company Fees

September – May:  Weekday class AND Sat Company: $94.00 month  

Full Summer: two hours/twice a week for 6 – 7 weeks $250

Plus Gym: $350

Plus Gym and Aerial Dance/Yoga $450

Competitive Dance Fees

Sept – May: Weekday, Company, Competition, AND weekly solo with Alicia $160.00

Full Summer:  Includes twice a week for 6 – 8 hours for 6 to 7 weeks $375, Plus Gym $475, Plus Gym and Aerial $575

Gymnastics Team Fees

September – May :  Includes 36 hours. $180 monthly rate, Additional days: $10

Summer: $7.50 for 12 hours or more per week, all 8 weeks, paid by May 1st. (more than 1 in the family, $6.50)/ $8.50 for 10-12 hours per week, all 8 weeks, paid by May 1st. / $10.00 for 8-10 hours per week, all 8 weeks, paid by May 1st or A or B paid by June 1st. / All other options are $12 per hour. /  Or, pay additional $77.75 per month Sept – May and you are paid for the summer.

Tumbling Team

September – May: Pre/K Beginners: weekday and Team is $65 per month / Older Beginners:  weekday and Team is $80 per month / or 90 min and Team is $100 per month /  2-90 min and Team is $130 per month

Summer: 8 weeks, twice a week, $250 / or $12 per hour

Recital Fees

Stage fee of $20.

  • Costume and Tights:

    • Child size $64.95

    • Adult size $74.95

Equipment/Apparel prices

Preschool – k/2nd:

White tap shoes $25

White ballet shoes $16.35

Classes lasting 90 min and longer:


Beginners:  Tan Tap Shoes $35 / Jazz Shoes $37

Older and More Advanced Dancers:  Taps $50.29 / Freeforms $49



Convertible Tights


Studio Warms Ups (includes printing, takes 6-10 weeks – depending on production)

Jacket – $85  GTM Sizing Chart
Pants – $30
Team Bags – $48
Parent / Advanced Dancer Jacket – $58

Rhinestone Jacket (no name on front / DDSGC on bk) $92 (for sizes above an xlg, add $3 per size)










Make up



$3.25 a pair depending on the bulk discount

The following Apparel is used by Dance Company and Tumbling:

General Leotard


Capezio Adj Strap Leotard:

C $22 / Ad $36

Neck Leotard




Knee Pads



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