The school year runs from the Tuesday after Labor Day though the Friday before Memorial day.

Summer lessons start the second week of June and ran until second week of August (exact dates varies).

Summer camps schedule is posted around February.

Competitive Teams (gymnastics, tumbling, dance) and Dance Company run though the whole year.

If you are absent from a lesson, you may make it up within 30 days by calling ahead to reserve a place in an appropriate class that has available space.  If make up times are not available, you forfeit your class.  The student must be an active member, currently placed in a class and paying for the month or session in which the make up class is taking place.

Students are not able to make up classes after their session is over

Weather Cancellation

An email will be sent in the event of weather related cancellations. Decisions are made around 2:00 pm the day of class, for classes scheduled Monday – Friday.  On Saturday it is emailed out by 7:15 am.


The Studio observes all major holidays, and those classes are not made up. The tuition paid is not calculated by “the hourly class” but for the place to take the class.

Easter Break is Good Friday through Easter Sunday.

Thanksgiving break is that Thursday to Sunday (except dance company).

Christmas break is usually two weeks and posted on our studio calendar.

Open Viewing for Parents

Out of protection for your child, we do not allow adults to casually come in and watch students.  We do offer a Open-Viewing session for the 30 and 45 min classes. This is offered three times a year during the first lesson of October, February, and April.

Please be prepared to take off your shoes when entering the rooms. Some rooms do not have available sitting so be prepared to sit on the floor.

Please remember that during viewing talking should be limited and comments to your child should be saved to the end.  You are welcome to review feedback with your child after class or with me, at miss.dee@dbqdanceandgym.com.  

New Students

If a new student wants to check out a class before signing up, we prefer for them to participate in the first class rather than sitting.  We ask that you fill out and sign the waiver and pay the $15 registration fee.

If someone referred you to us, please make sure you fill out the referral form so your friend get credit.

Dance Recitals - Gymnastics / Tumbling Olympics

All dance students are invited to perform in the dance recitals in Dubuque.

All gymnastics and tumbling students are invited to be in our Olympics.  

All Dancers are also invited to the solo recital "It's My Stage"

All satellites sites are invited to the above performances – and each location also has their "home" performances listed on their "location web page".  Simply go to our home page and click on your location name for information and details.

Photography and Social Media

We reserve the right to video recordings and take pictures for training purposes and advertisement, including but not limited to social media account such as Facebook and Twitter.

While the studio has releases on file to post such pictures, please remember that those releases do not apply to the parents.

In other words, while you can post pictures of your own child, you should not post pictures of children other than your own.

If you have pictures that you would like the studio to post, please email them to: miss.dee@dbqdanceandgym.com

Tuition / Your Account

When registering with Dubuque Dance Studio and Gym, you will have your own personal online, secure account. You will be able to see all classes, notes , and make payments on the account.

Please remember that the tuition payment is due BEFORE the first of the month, and all fees are non-refundable.

All online transactions have a 3% processing fee (assessed by the credit card merchant). You can avoid this fee by paying by cash or check in our office.

In order to register for events, competition, and meets there must be no outstanding balances on your account.

A $3.00 late fee is posted on the 1st of each month for each outstanding charge on your account.

Cancellation of Memberships

If you decide that your student is no longer going to take classes, we must be notified two weeks before the 1st of the month, in writing.

If your student is part of a competition team (Dance Company, Tumbling Team Gymnastics Team, Dance Competition Team), we require notice to be received by April 1st (for summer), or July 1st (for fall).

Please note that team is a year around activity and requires commitment to the team.  Notice must be given or you are automatically registered for the next session.

If appropriate notice has not been given, charges will continue on all accounts until the notice is received in our office.  You are fully responsible for all charges during this time, NO EXCEPTIONS.