Photos (Events, Team, Class Pictures)

Please note our Policy on Photos, especially if there are other children in the photo you are taking.

We are using "Skarpness Photography" .  I have elected to use this company because their order form is in triplicate; meaning they have a copy, I will have a copy and you will also have a copy of your order so we can keep track of things.  (Except Maquoketa Studio / March – you will have a different photographer)
Sample order form – use triplicate form from studio
Prices and Packages

Class Photos
All Classes have March Photos:  dance / gym / parent – tot – Everyone!  The Week after Bell Tower Theater Performances (in March), All Classes will have photos!

These photos are taken during / OR CLOSE to the students class time.  If your student is a gymnast, their photos will still be taken, and taken in their class attire (girls leotard, boys shorts/tshirt).  All dance students – all of your class photos are taken in your costume.  (If you do not have a costume, just come for class.  We will hold as much of class that is possible to fit as much in as possible.)  More information and order forms will follow on this in February, but please note the dates and please be prepared to have your child in the class photo – even if you do not plan on purchasing photos (unless you are a dancer and do not have a group costume).  PLEASE BE ON TIME AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PHOTO SCHEDULE, ….  Posted here in Feb.  WHEN AND IF WE RUN LATE, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DUE TO PEOPLE ARRIVING LATE OR NOT COMING DRESSED AND PREPARED.

Team Photos
Team only – 1st Friday in January 
Picture Schedule:

(Dance Competition – your individual group photos are in March – with your Mon /Wed time slot, all competitive dance solos during your weekday class time slot please, in March.  You are welcome to bring any current / past trophies or awards for March photos)
5:30 (Company 1 / Saturday 9:15 class) Group Code A
5:45 (Company 2 / Saturday 1:45 class) Group Code B
6:00 – All of the Untouchables – in your warm ups  Group Code D
6:15 (Company 3 / Saturday 12:15 Class) Group Code E
6:30 (Company 4 / Saturday 10:45 Class)  Group Code F
6:45 (Company 5 & 6 / Saturday 8:00 am Class)  Group Code G

(Bring awards / trophies you would like for your individual photo)
7:00 Tumbling Team  Group Code H
7:15 Gymnastics Team  Group Code J

Team Photos are the first Friday in January:  Dubuque Dance Company, Dubuque Tumbling Team, Dubuque Gymnastics Team all have their photos taken at our Dubuque location.  Everyone please wear your warm up for photos (if you have not paid for and ordered your warm up yet – please drop me a reminder and I will take care of this).  (Company have necks underneath and tan jazz shoes on please).  (All Tumblers and Gymnasts bare feet) ALL HAIR MUST BE UP – (company in a bun please – NO FLY AWAYS OR QUICK BUNS OR I WILL ADJUST YOUR HAIR DO).  Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early – DO NOT ARRIVE EXACTLY ON TIME – THE TIME LISTED IS THE TIME YOUR PHOTO IS TAKEN, BE DRESSED AND HAIR DONE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE