Why Us? About DDSGC

"I have never met anyone who didn't love to be excellent, but I have met individuals who are unsure of how to reach their potential.  Opening a child's eyes to their possibilites is truly one of the grandest moments a teacher can experience."….. Miss Dee

Best way to reach us:  miss.dee@dbqdanceandgym.com / 563-556-1842


Love, honor, respect:  for family, for self, for community…..

  • respect your body; train correctly, make healthy choices / nutrition
  • respect your family's funds and time spent on class/travel
  • giving all you can at each class: attitude, energy, focus, effort, fun
  • appreciate your work, reap your rewards
  • realize and respect the time to develop and achieve
  • love your progress, and the progress of others

Parents when you sign up with us you will have your own online account with us allowing you to view classes, add classes, view all transactions in your account and make payments.