".....I've never met anyone                                  
who doesn't LOVE to be Excellent....
Just those who are unsure of how to go about it...
Showing a child how to reach their potential                 
is the grandest reward in life...
."  Miss Dee


2016 Summer & 2016 Sept - 2017 May School Term
Registration is now open

3 Summer Camps:  
Camp 2:  July 11 - 14 (one week only – price is ½ for this camp)
Camp 3: July 18 - 28
Camp 4: Aug 1 - 11
All Teams:  June 15 - Aug 11, no class July 3 - 8th
(click on the schedule tab on the left for details)

Maquoketa Parade - July 27th
Looking for a parent(s) to head up the theme / float ;)

Open House 10 am - 2 pm:
Saturday, August 13th - Dubuque / Team Meeting
Saturday, August 20th - Dubuque / Meet and Greet
Saturday, August 27th - Maquoketa / Team & Greet
(click on the calendar above for details)

First day of fall classes:  Tuesday, September 6th

Halloween:  Oct 25, 26, 27, 31st - you are
welcome to wear your costumes to class.  
We will still hold class the 31st, as some people celebrate
this Holiday at different times and in different ways.

Thanksgiving Break: no class Thursday, November 24th
through Sunday, November, 27th
(Company will still practice on Saturday the 26th)

Christmas Break / Our studio break is always 2 weeks:
This year, December 23 - Jan 6th

DDSGC - Office hours:
Sept (Labor Day) - May (Memorial Day)
Monday - Thursday from 3:30 - 7:30,
& Saturday from 10 - 1:00

Summer Hours for office:  
email and confirm appointment.
Thought for Summer:  
The World is Your Stage...... Own It!
Dubuque Dance Studio and Gymnastics Club
2612 University Ave.
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
office hours: Labor Day - Memorial Day
Mon - Thur 3:30 - 7:30 / Saturday 10 - 1
Our Mission at
Dubuque Dance Studio
is to provide a structured
and positive program
that will not only
strengthen your child
but also aide in their
emotional and social
development through
dance and gymnastics.  
In doing this, we plan a
successful program
to nourish your child's
self esteem in classes
designed to be safe,
fun and challenging
while maintaining a
environment for your
child, whether it is a
they choose.  

Dubuque Dance Studio
and Gymnastics Club...
...Where children love