".....I've never met anyone                                  
                     who doesn't LOVE to be Excellent....
Just those who are unsure of how to go about it...
Showing a child how to reach their potential                 
is the grandest reward in life...
."  Miss Dee
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Some upcoming events:
March - Bell Tower Performance: Feb 28, March 1   >
tickets on sale now

Please note ALL students / all locations:  tumblers, gymnasts, dancers

Dancers:  May Performance at Roosevelt Middle School, DBQ,  May 16th
(please note company has rehearsal May 15th at the studio)

Maquoketa Students:
Tumblers, Gymnasts, Dancers: May Review at
Ohnward in Maquoketa, Saturday, May 23rd

All gymnast & tumblers, Your Olympics Day: Tuesday, May 26th
Maquoketa:  May 28th

Office Hours:  September 2nd - Memorial Day
Monday - Thursday from 3:30  - 7:15 pm
Saturday 10 - 1:00 pm
Quote for February:   Beware of the "people pleasers and self pleasers" ...
Those that will say anything to get your approval and have you take their side or agree with them .......
as these people do not speak the truth, they are only hungry for your approval,... they need to feel correct.
Stand strong and be your own person, with love and grace......
2612 University Avenue
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
office hours: Mon - Thur 3:30 - 7:30
Saturday 10 - 1
Our mission at
Dubuque Dance Studio
and Gymnastics Club
is to provide a structured
and positive program
that will not only
strengthen your child
but also aide in their
emotional and social
development through
dance and gymnastics.  
In doing this, we plan a
successful program
to nourish your child's
self esteem in classes
designed to be safe,
fun and challenging
while maintaining a
environment for your
child, whether it is a
or competitive activity
they choose.  

Dubuque Dance Studio
and Gymnastics Club...
...Where children love
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2015 Dreamstar - Maddie Gehl
Maddie Gehl
Joey Kiefer
Josie Wolbers
Lillian received a platinum rating and
was first in her age group/division.   
1st place overall junior duet,
advanced competition category
1st place - Abbie Keller
1st place duet - petite division
Morgan Sola
Feb 25 - March 2 - Classes and Performances will run as Scheduled
If not attending, due to weather, please rsvp by email